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We are committed to educating and supporting our clients through comprehensive training programs and personalized guidance, ensuring their success and long-term profitability in the world of trading. Our mission is to revolutionize the way beginners approach trading, making it accessible and profitable for all.

We understand that trading is difficult

Trading presents numerous obstacles to conquer, yet once you navigate this path, it becomes one of the most financially rewarding skills to possess. It’s important to acknowledge that many traders falter due to a lack of a well-defined vision and a roadmap to success. We understand that a meticulously crafted strategy plays a pivotal role in achieving success. Additionally, human psychology significantly contributes to the failures of many individuals. This is precisely why we have developed fully indicator-based mechanical strategies to assist aspiring traders in circumventing the common pitfalls associated with human programming.

Clear and concise instructions

The strategies we create are designed to be followed without the need for constant second-guessing of signals. As time progresses, the advantage of these strategies will manifest, aiding you in your journey toward becoming a more proficient trader.

Playing the system

Curious about transforming a $100-per-day system into a $1000-per-day system without the need for additional learning or effort? Allow us to share the steps to accomplish this with you.

Prop firm Compatible

Proprietary trading firms have meticulously structured their systems to create challenges at every juncture, often leveraging our own psychological tendencies against us. The strategies we develop are specifically crafted with this in mind, aimed at passing these challenges.

Starting from no knowledge

We provide comprehensive guidance on configuring all aspects of your charts, platforms, and proprietary firm accounts. Upon completing our course, you will possess the knowledge required to effectively set up and initiate your trading operations.

Join a community at your level

Within our platform, we offer chat rooms tailored to your expertise level, where individuals employing the same strategy can engage in discussions and readily exchange ideas and tips.

Cut the losses, let the winners run

We offer a diverse range of strategies to cater to different mindsets and lifestyles, whether you prefer a "one and done" approach or spending extended hours at the trading terminal. Regardless of your chosen strategy, each one can be harnessed to help you achieve your specific goals effectively.

Our strategies are crafted using the finest premium indicators available in the market, trusted by a community of over 50,000 users.

What’s the rationale behind using LuxAlgo? These indicators are among the few in the market that don’t “repaint,” meaning once they appear on a candle, they remain there. This empowers us to devise innovative strategies for you with unwavering confidence in the accuracy of our backtested results.

Frequently Asked Questions

These techniques can be executed entirely using your smartphone, if that’s what suits you. You’ll discover how to configure notifications and acquire all the necessary tools for trading, all right from the convenience of your pocket.

We currently offer our courses at a one-time fee, granting you unlimited access. However, every business has its operational expenses. Your costs will encompass various platform subscriptions to be able to generate profits.

To put it into perspective, for trading with a $25,000 account, you would typically incur approximately $110 per month in expenses. Yet, this investment can yield significant returns. In August 2023, following our basic strategy, involving about one trade per day, our approach resulted in gains of up to $5000.

Backtested Results

We take pride in offering comprehensive backtested results for each of the strategies we meticulously design. These results serve as a vital foundation, instilling a deep sense of confidence not only within our team but also empowering you to trust and embrace the strategy wholeheartedly. Having access to this thorough testing and data analysis assures us all that we can indeed “trust the process” with unwavering certainty.

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